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10 december 2007

i meet my lover ( shamsul )

i went to his house to meet cox im gonna go for my camp on the 12 december 2007.

i spent my time with him!!

after dat i cry sey!!


I went home to kak lela house!!

i turn on the comp!!

i went to log in my hubby's friendster!!

i saw this new photo!!

it says " sam heart yana "

i really mad at him!!!

stress sey!!

he told me tat his frend who edit the pic!!

what i know "yana" is his ex gerl!!

i fed-up!!

so i told him make sure he delete the picture before i come back from my camp!!


12 december 2007

morning wake up ready for my camp!!!

i out of the house at 8 hehexx!!

must be st tiong baru at 8!!

the bus reach at 8.40!!

1st place we went to REPUBLIC POLY..

entre the room saw pertapis gersl and adrews gerls home!!

meet my old frens from both homes!!

kyt and karen!!

hey frends!!

my closes frend was pinky and echicQ!!

challage yourself was the best hahaxx!!


here are some my camp pic!!


13 december 2007

wake up at 7.30!!

breakfast at 8!!

after brkfast we went to elderly homes which at toa payoh!!

i cried then i hug them!!

one of this nenek told me " don't rude to ur parent, treat me as ur grandmother and study hard "

after the visiting we went back to our hotel for lunch!!

14 december 2007

we check out after our brkfast!!

tonight we will be having dinner!!

im so happy that my parent coming!!

15 december 2007

i go silat picnic at west coast!!

it was heavy rain!!

i totaly wet!!

even my hp goes wrong!!

here r some picture!!


night i went to pasir ris!!

costa sands!!!!

my cuzzin b'dae!!


we play bingo game!!

hahaxx!!! funny sak!!

we went home so late!!!


16 december 2007

my family went to bugis..

my sister really shopping seh!!!

after tat we makan at lau pa sat!!

after that eat we sent kak lela home!!

then home sweet home!!!


17 december 2007

at 0000hr me,myself,kak shida and fizah

sang a bithday to my beloved HUBBY!!

to my beloved HUBBY

happy bithday!!

semoga pjg umur dan murah rezeki!!

u r my alwys!!!

i lup u hubby!!


we had a small misunderstanding between me and my HUBBY!!

he hang up my call wifout any night wish and phone kiss!!

so i ask my sister to call him!!

i mad at him!! he said he was so freaking sleep and straight away he hang up e call!!

then i called his phone but the phone was turn off his phone!!

so to be fair i also turn off my phone!!

he didn't get through so he called my sister for 3 times!!

then he msg my sister to turn on my phone!!

after i turn on my phone i receive his msg he told me " by..sowie psl tadi..hubby btl2 nt myself..baby da tido? " then few mins i receive his call!! i taught to reject his call!

but i accept his called cox i love him!!

this was 1st time to hear his sweeties voice!!!

im so happy!!!!!!

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